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As well as trying to sing, dance, act and sleep, I occasionally try to write. To make this even more confusing, particularly for myself, I use various different names. Pookie K, Pooka and Benjamin Maydon are all me. Pookiyama K Maidyn is also me. If you actually want to read any of my stuff, I suggest that you take some psychotherapy, but instead of breaking out Google and going crazy trying to find me, there are some links here.


Stand-Up & Songs

I wrote most of the songs for Pookie K and Unbalanced Grass, sometimes collaborating with Morti, David and other members of the band. Most of the lyrics for all the songs I play and publish had at least some input from me at some point. All my stand-up routines were written by me, as well it would be theft otherwise!

I wrote some of the lines for the Sing Back Knightmare songs, including most of Perfect Quest.


Video Games & Gaming

I mostly write about video games, because Im just cool like that. I have a site dedicated entirely to the 1994 classic Superfrog, because Im just sad like that. Ive also written video game reviews for the online website RealVG.org, which is now sadly defunct. I used to be a staff writer for Dream17 and also wrote game reviews and articles for the NTU magazine Platform. Some reviews are still online at my online portfolio. Kindly ignore the formatting, though.


Techie Goodness

In March 2011 I started writing as a volunteer for a tech blog run by Areatrade, a website company. Im supposed to be doing this weekly, despite the fact that I know virtually nothing about technology. I also used to volunteer for a charity called PeaceworkersUK, and rewrote the majority of their website. This charity has since been incorporated into the NGO International Alert.



Fiction is my main passion and, like any fiction junkie, I have about four unfinished stories lying around. I also try and write fanfiction, but Im not one of those fanfic writers who go through the whole damn u guyz, its tuff but im gunna keep going, for u! stuff, mostly because Id rather impale myself on a rusty spike.

But I did write Issue #6 of the sci-fi webcomic Jump Leads, and Im working on an upcoming Jump Leads novella. I also once helped write (and acted in) the Knightmare RPG, and am the lead writer for its spiritual successor, Aegis Quest.



I also write varied articles. I am a featured writer at Suite101, with the very loose aim of one article per month. I have written articles elsewhere, but they appear to have vanished into the ether.



If thats not enough for you, I also have my own LiveJournal, but thats not updated nearly enough these days, as I tend towards damn fool things like making this website.


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