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Iíve been recording music for years now, and while some of itís genuinely unlistenable, a bit of itís tolerable enough to put on the internet, maybe as an example of what not to do. Here are some examples.


Live Recordings

Iím best when Iím loose, apparently. I collect all the bootlegs of my gigs and put them up on this site; thereís a wealth of stuff there. If youíre more visually-minded, however, you may prefer to have a gander at my YouTube playlist.


Unbalanced Grass

I could go on for a while about this, but Iíll just throw a few sample tracks up, from each of the albums, in reverse chronological order.


Straight From The Goat:

Melted Into Sound:

The Rest Of:

We Must Rebuild:

Sappharis Remastered:

Bigger Than Judas:

Sappharis Moonstone:

Lonely Caveman (MP3, 4.8MB)

Downloadable Single

Undead Without You (MP3, 3.3MB)

LSD (MP3, 5.3MB)

Many, Many Undead People (MP3, 2.5MB)

Blood On The Pages (MP3, 3.7MB)

Hump The Animals! (MP3, 2.5MB)


You can also listen to tracks from Straight From The Goat at our Bandcamp page, although Iíd appreciate it if you bought it too...


Sing Back Knightmare

Iím a big fan of the classic childrenís TV show Knightmare, and thereís a group of us who occasionally sing song filks based around Knightmare. We called the group ĎSing Back Knightmareí, and the page is available here!


Pookie K (synthpop)

Thereís an odd collection from my aborted side-project available too, but thereís a page about that here.



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