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When I was 15, I started learning to play the guitar, teaching myself some chords and then pretending I could play. Even more disastrously, I then convinced myself I could sing. In 2004, I wanted to be in a rock band, so I started one. I called it “Unbalanced Grass”, and although it was originally just me, we had a revolving door of members throughout the years.


For a more comprehensive history of Unbalanced Grass, I wrote one. Click here.


I originally wrote our first album, Sappharis Moonstone, on my own. Our second EP, Bigger Than Judas, was released the following year, with a six-piece band. Sappharis Remastered and We Must Rebuild followed. In 2009, we released two compilations, Four All and The Rest Of.


We released one download-only single, Melted Into Sound.


2010 saw the release of our latest album, Straight From The Goat, which is entirely new material. You can buy it online from our Bandcamp page.



Unbalanced Grass in 2008.


You can listen to some of the songs on the aural pleasure page.



Unbalanced Grass in 2006.


Unbalanced Grass in 2010 consisted of Pookie K (vocals), Morti (instruments) and Matt (BGVs), although the roles tend to change. In the past, we have also had David, Andrew, Laura, Keith and Sam in the band.


In 2012, Morti left the country, and Unbalanced Grass went on indefinite hiatus – although we left behind a wealth of the daftest music ever...


Morti now records under the name of bill.mu, and you can find out more about his music here!


If you want to buy some of our earlier CDs, contact me!



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