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I became a comedian mostly by accident. I can’t remember exactly when it happened, but I was about to go up on stage to play a few songs, and somebody said something like “this is going to be funny.” Naturally, I completely failed to deliver on that, but I’m going to continue to try. It works, in a way, because due to the amount of banter in between my songs, “musician” was a word amounting to a completely inaccurate description of what I do. I now consider myself a “musical comedian”; two words amounting to a completely inaccurate description of what I do.


In 2010, I started writing more deliberately jokey songs like Bridgwater, and moved on to longer comedy songs like Lonely Caveman, and some of the older songs, like LSD and Blood on the Pages, were pretty silly already, so I started playing them for laughs. In 2011, Mitch Benn featured the studio version of Dalek on his comedy podcast.


As well as the occasional ‘full gig’, I have also started playing shorter sets at places around London – doing short bursts of comedy at nights such as A Spoonful Of Poison, and regular comedy night Date Horse. I’d like to think I’ll play more places in future. Who knows? Frankly, who cares? If you do, why not see if I’m playing any gigs at all?


If you want examples of my comedy, there’s a bit on some of the albums – and there’s a page where you can listen to that stuff. However, if you’re more visually-minded, I put together a YouTube playlist. Think of it as “the least worst of Pookie K”. I’ll be adding stuff to that as it comes through.


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