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Starring: Billy, Cocodude, Darren, David, Kieran, Malefact and Pooka


Music: Band Aid II

Lyrics: David Goldstein


Produced by Pookie K





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Starring: Billy, Darren, David, Gary, Kieran and Sue with Pooka


Music: Mariah Carey

Lyrics: Billy Hicks, Robin John Barlow and Darren Kerwin


Produced by Pookie K


Sing Back Knightmare:

The Complete Works

2005 Ė 2010


         Do They Know Itís Quest Mess?

         Do They Know Itís Quest Mess? (AS&Tís Chipmunk Mix)

         Feed The Walls

         All I Want Is Knightmare To View

         A Perfect Quest (Pooka Solo)

         Never Gonna Win The Cup

         Never Gonna Win The Cup (KaM Solo)


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Starring: Darren, David, Keith, Kieran, Sue and Pooka with Russell ĎRuzlí Odoni as Treguard


Music: Rick Astley

Lyrics: Billy Hicks


Produced by Pookie K











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