Interview with Andreas Tadic coding


1) What was doing the coding of the game like?

Fun of course but as you would expect there were times you just wanted to give up! Tools for developing games were not nearly as useful (or complex)as they are today. We didn't even use a debugger (!)

One good memory (or bad enough that I should have suppressed it by now) is the final three weeks of Project-X. There was a bug that made the game crash when reaching later levels and only if you played it through from the start. Never did find it in the end but flashing the power-LED did the trick....


2) How did you originally think the game should look, feel, play, last, etc? Was it the same as your end design?

I'd like to think so. When we did these games we continuously developed the techniques used (the scroller for one is a piece of code I'm particularly proud of ). The same applies to bobs, sprites etc. That in hand with the general code structure developing aside actually made the games (or design) better than I think we originally set out for.


3) Were you involved in the eventual marketing of the product?

If you count getting seriously pissed at ECTS shows...

More seriously, we did some interviews and development diaries for various magazines. Martyn made sure we understood we were always welcome in any press related situation but that it were up to us. He also shielded us from all this upon wish as were really just wanted to do games, not market ourselves. That along with many other things makes him one supreme producer. It might be my code, Rico's art but without Martyn I doubt any of it would have worked!


4) Was there any communication between you and the rest of the team (Martyn, Rico, Allister)?

All the time. Me and Rico developed most of the game code and graphics from where we sat in Sweden and when needed we spent time in England with Martyn and others involved. We also got Allister in close to deadlines (sound engineers at the time didn't really need to be "in-house" until the later parts of development).


5) Did you work on any titles after Superfrog (for or after Team17)? What were they, and which one was your favourite?

X2 on Playstation. Got released and did alright but unfortunately playtesting failed somewhat and the game turned out too hard to play (and I agree...) These things happens but as a game at the time I think we did fine. It had some stuff not seen on Playstation before at the time. Later on me and Rico started working on ABA (Alien Breed Action) but the game had to be put on ice due to several reasons (the size of the project was a bit overwhelming at the time). After that I was responsible for Worms Blast on the PS2 platform.


6) Who was your favourite Superfrog character? Did you like the plot?

A) Spud :)

B) It was alright I think. Sort of a skewed story in all but it worked.


7) Was the code for the AMIGA CD32 version different at all from the original code for the disk version?

Not much.


8) Are any of the features or designs of the levels the result of a suggestion by you?

All of us (Me, Rico & Martyn) was involved in the level design, so yes.


9) Would you say that the coding was boring or repetitive, or was it genuine fun all the way through?

At times of course it was a little repetitive at times but overall it was good fun. I got the time needed for R&D which was my favourite part of the coding on Amiga.


10) Did anyone help you with the coding?

Once in a while I got some help from various people on specific tasks. One that was of much help and inspiration was (is) Stefan Boberg, currently technical director of Team17.


11) Were you content with the finished product? Was Superfrog what you had imagined it would be?

It was. It was in fact somewhat better than I hoped for due to the new scroll-tech developed for the game (which was later used in AB2 [Alien Breed 2] which enabled that game to do a lot more than AB).


12) What are you working on now?

Classified. Started my own company just under a year ago. Main prospect is game development but were also looking in to using our technology in other fields. I'll let you know in half a year how this worked out ;)


13) Do you actually like Lucozade?

No ;)