Interview with Martyn Brown - Managing Director


1) Who came up with the original design for a game based on a superhero/frog character?

Rico Holmes originally came up with the frog and he named him chuck, I later suggested Superfrog, who would get his super powers from drinking Newcastle Brown Ale. This was later changed to Lucozade in a marketing link up.

2) How did you originally think the game should look, feel, play, last, etc? Was it the same as your end design?

I think we were looking at games like Sonic and wanted a fast, slick feel. We wanted it very cartoony and relaxed, I think we achieved that.

3) What, exactly, was your part in the designing and making of Superfrog? Were you involved in the eventual marketing of the product?

My role was as producer/manager and level designer. I also did all the company's PR back then and handled production!

4) Apparently Superfrog was distributed by Ocean Software. Do you know what happened to that company?

No, it was published by Team17. Team17 were a fully fledged publisher in our own right up until 1995. Ocean, who had a distribution deal with us after Superfrog's time, were bought by Infogrames in 1996.

5) How would you compare the success of Superfrog to your later titles (dare I even mention Worms)?

Superfrog wasn't a massive hit when comparing it to our biggest selling products, but it did ok.

6) Who was your favourite Superfrog character? Did you like the plot?

I think we all liked Spud. The plot was ok, but I prefered it when the story involved Newcastle Brown Ale and the geordie accent the frog had - all of which got changed.

7) Who did you work with to create the game? Were they an efficient team?

The team was the same as Alien Breed, Project-x. Namely Rico Holmes
(art/design), Andreas Tadic (code), Allister Brimble (audio). They were
a great bunch - and still are.

8) Is that enemy in World 5 Jack Frost, or is it Sonic the Hedgehog? :)


9) Do you like Spud?

See the earlier question. He should have had his own game.

10) Did you have any "deputies" in your job?

Sort of, just people we were training up in QA and the like. Things were much different back then.

12) Were you content with the finished product? Was Superfrog what you had imagined it would be?

Yes, I think we were delighted with how it played. It had perhaps the best difficulty curve of anything we'd done and was about as polished and playable as we'd have hoped.

13) What's next for Team17? What are you working on now? Dare you tell us?

We're working on some radically new worms stuff and who knows, that frog
might make a come back.

14) Do you actually like Lucozade?

Yes. And I wasn't paid to say that.