Interview with Stefan Boberg Assistant Programmer


1) Andreas Tadic, who did the main coding for Superfrog, said you were a great source of inspiration to him. Did you work at all with him on the coding for Superfrog, or was it all done by him?


I don't remember doing that much specifically for Superfrog, but it was basically based on the same codebase as Alien Breed, for which I did a bunch of stuff like data compression, animation playback, disk loading, relocating loader, streaming audio from non-chip RAM and answer questions and help find bugs that Andreas and Peter Tuleby couldn't figure out :)


2) Some websites credit you as programmer for Superfrog - what was your actual role during the game's development?


I can't remember exactly, but like I say above, not much specifically to do with Superfrog itself. Most of my "involvement" is due to the code being derived from earlier work.



3) You are now technical director of Team17, is that correct? What does that mean?


Actually, since November 2003 I am Chief Technical Officer at Digital Illusions CE (DICE) here in Stockholm. DICE is probably most famous for making the Battlefield 1942/Vietnam series of games and Rallisport Challenge, and of course the old Pinball Dreams/Fantasies/Illusions series for the Amiga. My job is basically to maintain a good technical strategy for the company, and ensure that we handle the transition to the next generation consoles (Xbox2, PS3) well. I don't do any programming at all anymore.



4) What are your interests outside of computer programming?


Music, architecture, and I play Battlefield a lot... too much probably :)

And most of all my lovely wife Caei of course!



5) Back to Superfrog... who was your favourite character, and did you like the plot?


Hmm... hehe... I don't remember it at all!! I just remember the silly introductory movie by Eric Schwartz... my favourite character would have to be the frog himself.



6) Was there much communication between you/Andreas and the rest of the team?


I can't remember, but on and off, yes, quite a bit. We used to talk on the phone fairly frequently I think, and I also visited him a few times.



7) Are any of the elements/puzzles in Superfrog a result of a suggestion by yourself?


Nope! None whatsoever :)



8) What games have you worked on for Team17, before and after Superfrog (I'm guessing a lot)?


Oh... I think I'm credited in some way or another for Full Contact, Alien Breed, Alien Breed '92, Alien Breed II, various CD32 adaptations and HD installers, Alien Breed: Tower Assault, Project X, Addiction Pinball, Worms Pinball, Worms Blast, Worms 3D, Assassin, Worms...



9) Do you actually like Lucozade?


I used to, but I prefer Red Bull now :) Which is a good thing since you can't get Lucozade here in Sweden!