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Superfrog appears as a secret character in Worms Blast, and we've heard there are already plans to bring him back in his own game...

Brown: Yes, there's a design at the moment that features Superfrog. It's completely unlike the original game. He's already in Worms Blast and he's also in a couple of other things we're working on. He wasn't by any means our biggest character, but looking at the character and what we've done with him in 3D, it's very appealing and we've got some plans for him tucked away.


3D arcade-adventure?

Brown: Not really, we're doing something quite bizarre with him at the moment.


Superfrog Kart?

Brown: Absolutely not! Let's just say he's in the gym training up at the minute. Again, we're trying to do things that are appealing and playable, and suit the platforms and age groups the publishers are looking at. We're quietly confident about that one.