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A platform arcade Superfrog is one cool game, especially for it's time. It has got great graphics, great sound effects and great gameplay. It is one of the long line of platformers made by Team 17. I have always thought that this game is one of the best games on my Amiga.

You have to complete 6 different zones (I think it's 6). Such as The Enchanted Forest, The Dark Castle or the North Pole. As you complete each level in each zone, you are questing to find your beloved lady frog. The Princess. You follow her on all sorts of adventures, killing a large assortment of baddies along the way. To complete each mission you have to collect a certain number of coins. The game was also sponsored by Lucasade, and so to fill up Superfrog's energy, you can pick up bottles of Lucasade and Superfrog drinks them. You can also pick up wings, and a Frog Yo Yo gun thingy to shoot down baddies.

There are many secret passages when you bump into certain walls and things, they are usually filled with plenty of goodies. After every level you complete you can have the optional chance to gamble your credits. To win at this game you have to use the slot machine. The main thing to go for is the Levels Passwords. If you get a password (3 Lucasades in a row) You can start from that level again later.

The game is truly a masterpiece, and any true gaming fan could not be without it. When you get to the space level you know that you are near to completion.