Review by Chris Vella, from


This game is one of the best platformers that you will see on the amiga. The game is polished to the point to where is shines.

The object of the game is to collect the required amount of coins and getto the exit. Common platformer you might say, but its done so well that it stands above most others. You can kill enemies by jumping on them or by throwing a ball (which you have to find) at them. Some enemies cannot be killed so you will have to avoid them. There are 6 different levels, each one varies nicely from one another. The levels include Forest, Haunted House, Ice World, Egyption, Carnival, and Space. There is also a bonus shooting level. At the end of a level you get to play a sort of Slot machine sequence where you can win a password, extra lives, or bonus points. This doesn't really add to the game but it's always nice to have a password to let you start at the last level you were at and not have to start the whole game all over again.

The graphics in the game are excellent, some of the best that I have seen in an amiga platform game. The sound is also very good. What makes the game so special is the playability. It plays like a dream. The joystick response is great and the difficulty level is perfect. Having secret rooms to find just adds more playability to this already great game.

In conclusion, I feel that this is one of, if not, the best platformer on the amiga. The game is very professionally done in all aspects. Great graphics, great design, great playability = Great Game! and that's exactly what this is. I love it and if you like platformers you will love it too. Thank you Team 17 for another great game.