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Review Of Superfrog



Superfrog is my favourite platform game. It is available for the amiga, the amiga CD32, and MS-DOS and it was created by Team17 . According to a superfrog website which I have been on the ms-dos version will not work if you have windows xp or 2000 so you have to emulate it. The good thing about having to emulate superfrog if you have windows xp or 2000 is that the amiga version is actually easier than the pc version. On the pc version you can not jump to as many places and fly to different platforms without falling down and killing yourself on the spikes (or doing something like that) even in EASY mode. I would definatly recommend the amiga version instead of the pc version.


Graphics 10/10



The Graphics are excellent. If you are playing on fellow, winfellow, or a real amiga they are really good. However if you are playing on winuae the graphics aren't as good (on my computer anyway) Superfrog and the enemies move nice and smoothly. Enemies include: Bees which flutter about nicely, Hedgehogs, these are a nice 3D shape, similar to a real hedgehogs. There are also snails, which have a good computer game look, and there are blue circle shaped things with eyes, which bounce up and down. And last but not least there are spikes, those things that stick out of the ground like this: /\. There are loads of good enemies in the other levels that are similar to the ones mentioned here, these ones are from level1. The spikes have a good 3D and shadow effect. Platforms, grass, walls, ice, the sun, fruit and coins all are very good. Last thing to add to this section is the fruit machine. This is a machine with 3 things that spin round and stop after a few seconds, excellent quality while they are spinning round, all of the flashing lights and all the fruit machine has really good graphics and looks as though it is real.



Sound 10/10



Excellent sound and music by Alistair Brimble. This game has some really good tunes that have (I think) been electronically composed. I think the tunes are very catchy and I can't stop listening to them. Even the fruit machine has it's own realistic fruit machine music. (the fruit machine is a gambling thing, only you can only get points from it, not money, unfortunately.)



Gameplay 8/10



Game play is very good. I think the first 3 levels are quite easy although they are usually the only ones that I ever play. Superfrog is easy to control (except when the computer crashes and superfrog continues running into spikes!)

The levels are really good and some of them are quite challenging.

On the amiga version of superfrog there is a panel across the top of the screen which tells you how many live you have got left, how much lucozade you have left, how many points you have, how much time you have left ect. where as on the pc version there is a circle at the bottom that tells you how many coins you need like on the amiga, and on the pc the time remaining is underneath that. To view everything else on the pc version you have to pause the game by pressing p.

On the amiga you get more time to complete the levels than you do on the pc version (I think), which is good for amiga users.


Lifespan 8/10



If you play a certain level a lot you will begin to find that level easy to complete but the last few worlds are very challenging. If you play Superfrog all the way through it will take a bit of time but you are most likely to want to play it again although some levels are really difficult, but they are worth a go at.



Review By Stephen Coates


(C) Stephen Coates 2003