Alistair’s CV




The Country Wife (Belgrade Theatre Company, dir: Rob Bettinson)

The Quack


Cyrano de Bergerac (Orchard Theatre Company, dir: Paul Chamberlain)

De Guiche


Taming of the Shrew (Orchard Theatre Company, dir: Paul Chamberlain)

Hortensio / The Pedant of Mantua


Peter Pan (Theatr Clywd, dir: Paul Chamberlain)



Intimate Exchanges - The Pageant (Eye Theatre Company, dir: Tom Scott)

Lionel Hepplewick / Toby Teasdale


Chekhov Farces (Eye Theatre Company, dir: Tom Scott)



The Widowing of Mrs Holroyd (New End Theatre Company, dir: Tom Scott)

Lionel Hepplewick / Toby Teasdale


The Jewess of Toledo (Strangers Gallery, dir: Colin Ellwood)

Count Manriqué / David


Us & Them (The Lit’ Theatre Company, dir: Monty Holender)

Martin Phillips


The Cherry Orchard (The Lit’ Theatre Company, dir: Monty Holender)

Leonid Gaev


The Old Country (Tower Theatre, dir: Chris Holmes)



Saturday Sunday Monday (Incognito, dir: Mike Mende)



Breaking The Code (Incognito, dir: Mike Mende)

Mick Ross


Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (Tower Theatre, dir: Philip Ley)

Mr Utterson


The Dresser (Tower Theatre, dir: Pat Grosse)

Mr Oxenby / Edmund


The Lady From The Sea (Tower Theatre, dir: Jonathan Lermit)



Proof (Tower Theatre, dir: Lesley Strachan)



The Vortex (Tower Theatre, dir: Colette Dockery)



Her Naked Skin (Tower Theatre, dir: Lesley Strachan)









Talking Books for RNIB:


Sharpe Novels by Bernard Cornwell:

-      Sharpe’s Battle

-      Sharpe’s Company

-      Sharpe’s Devil

-      Sharpe’s Eagle

-      Sharpe’s Enemy

-      Sharpe’s Gold

-      Sharpe’s Revenge

-      Sharpe’s Rifles

-      Sharpe’s Skirmish

-      Sharpe’s Sword

-      Sharpe’s Triumph

-      Sharpe’s Waterloo


2010 – 2012 Releases

-      Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother: The Official Biography by William Shawcross

-      The Crusades: The War Of The Holy Land by Thomas S Asbridge

-      Marlborough: Britain’s Greatest General by Richard Holmes

-      Arthur Miller by Christopher Bigsby

-      A History of Eastern Europe: Crisis and Change by Robert Bideleux & Ian Jeffries


…and 86 more titles, all listed at the RNIB Booksite!



Talking Books for Audible:


Hard Times by Charles Dickens



Talking Books for ISIS:


Blitzcat by Robert Westall


The Most Dangerous Game by Gavin Lyall


Sick Heart River by John Buchan


Sagittarius Rising by Cecil Lewis


San Andreas by Alistair McLean


Stone Cold by John Francombe


Dead Ringer by John Francombe


Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad



Miscellaneous Audio Work:


Extracts from A Taste Of Honey (BBC Schools Radio) – dir: Dan Garrett


Various Educational Tapes (The Open University)


Various Commercial Recordings (Various)








Going Home – Shebbear (Film 4) dir: John Pett









Lifeschool: Going To Work (BBC)

Mr Bates


The Bill (ITV / Thames)

Mr Newman


99-1 (Zenith)



Crimewatch File (BBC)



In Defence (ITV)



The Six Wives Of Henry VIII (Channel 4 for David Starkey)

Heinrich Harst


The New Adventures Of Robin Hood (Warner Bros.)

Old Sorcerer (“Heroes”, dir: Eric Somer)

Priest (“Raven’s Peak”, dir: Zachary Weintraub)

Tom the Village Man (“Godiva”, dir: Adrian Carr)


Dark Realm (Warner Bros, dir: Eric Somer)









·         Various devised pieces for schools (Coventry TIE)

·         Extensive role play experience, especially for medical students